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Beyond Basics: Other Structures Coverage for Columbia River Gorge Homeowners

When securing homeowners insurance in the Columbia River Gorge, it’s common to focus solely on protecting your primary residence.  Yet, your property likely includes other structures that also require attention and coverage.  In this blog post we will delve into “Other Structures coverage” and how to ensure comprehensive protection for your Gorge property.

Other Structures Coverage

Protecting more than your home’s other structures coverage, also known as Coverage B, is a crucial component of your homeowners insurance policies.  It safeguards structures separate from your main dwelling providing financial protection against damage or loss due to covered perils.

Why is Matters

Structures like detached garages, sheds, barns, and fences on your Columbia River Gorge property are susceptible to various risks, including fire, severe weather, theft and accidents.  Without adequate coverage, the burden of repairing or rebuilding these structures can be overwhelming. 

"Protecting more than your home’s other structures coverage, also known as Coverage B, is a crucial component of your homeowners insurance policies."

What’s Covered

Other Structures coverage typically includes protection against common perils such as fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, theft and vandalism, similar to Coverage A for the main dwelling. However, it’s essential to review your policy for specific covered perils and any limitations or exclusions.

Determining Coverage Limits

Coverage limits for Other Structures are often set as a percentage of the dwelling coverage limit, typically around 10%.  However, properties with numerous or high-value structures may require additional coverage options to ensure adequate protection.

Assessing Replacement Cost

To accurately assess the value or your Other Structures, consider factors such as age, size, materials used, and unique features.  This evaluation helps determine the replacement cost, ensuring you have sufficient coverage in the event of a loss.

Key Considerations

Factors such as geographical location, construction materials, and the purpose of each structure influence coverage needs.  Be mindful of unique risks associated with the Columbia River Gorge region, such as high winds and wildfires.

Review and Update Regularly

Regularly review your homeowner’s insurance policy, including Other Structures coverage, to account for life changes, property renovations, or additions.  Update your coverage as needed to ensure it aligns with your current needs and property value.

Importance of Other Structures Coverage

Other Structures Coverage extends the protection of your homeowners insurance policy, safeguarding structures and outdoor fixtures on your Columbia River Gorge property.  By understanding the scope of coverage, assessing structure values, and reviewing policies regularly, you can ensure comprehensive protection for all structures on your property.


Beyond the basics of homeowners insurance lies the essential aspect of Other Structures coverage, especially pertinent for the Columbia River Gorge homeowners.


Take proactive steps today to safeguard all structures on your property and ensure peace of mind amidst the stunning landscape of the Gorge. Visit our website or give us a call to learn more.   🌐 📞541-399-8001

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