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Renewing your Home Insurance? Here are some things to consider.

Updated: May 3

If you are renewing your home insurance, here are a few things you should consider before reviewing.

Coverage Review: take a look at your coverage. Has anything changed in your home or personal belongings? If you've acquired new treasures in the past year, ensure your coverage includes them.

Property Updates: If you’ve made improvements or done renovations, update your insurance accordingly.

Comparison Shopping: Don’t settle for the status quo. Shop around and compare quotes from different providers. You might find better rates or more comprehensive coverage.

Policy Deductibles: Assess your deductibles. Adjusting these can impact your premium and potentially save you money. Find the right balance that aligns with your financial comfort and risk tolerance.

Renewing your home insurance is an opportunity to ensure your coverage aligns with your current life. Let’s make sure you’re protected. Got questions or need assistance? Visit us at our office on the Heights in Hood River (1010 12th Street Ste C) or give us a call today! 541-399-8001

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